Renowned artist and Key west photographer Tony Gregory began expressing his talent through various mediums from his early childhood years growing up in Baltimore, MD to his higher education years where he graduated with an Art Degree from Fairmont State in West Virginia in 1973 – Always traveling, painting and doing photography while searching for his paradise. He found it on spring break from teaching art in Annapolis, MD and moved to Key West in 1976.

His first 15 years in Key West Tony made a living and established himself as a very sought after airbrush artist and photographer featured in dozens of publications, including National Geographic -- twice. He was always an active photographer and eventually his camera took over as his primary means of creative expression.

Over four decades experience as a photographer, Tony has learned to anticipate your needs on your special day, and will work with you every step of the way to provide advice and support in making your wedding come together flawlessly. 

As your photographer, Tony will work with you to make sure your Key West wedding, event or photo shoot is a total success. Call (305) 294-7131 for questions and booking.